Speculative Life Insurance on Celebrities! Who would you go for?

Everybody knows that in the life insurance policy, there is a much difference between the policyholder and the insured. But, do you know there is a clause in such policies? It states that the individual who is taking out the policy should have an insurable interest in the insured. In other words, it means the individual must suffer some personal loss in the occurrence of the death of the insured one. It typically refers to the individuals such as the parents, business partner, husband, wife, and children. This indicates that one cannot take out policies on someone just by predicting that they will die.

When it comes to family health history, one must have a life insurance. You can take this life insurance quiz and know how family history can affect your insurance premium rate. Do you know earlier, in Victorian England, it was allowed that one can take out policies on the lives of others? But, it was later banned because it offered a motive for murder. There are many celebrities for whom insurable interest clause did not exist.

Let’s start with Britney Spears. It seems that she can do anything to get publicity. She is worth billions and no doubt she could be a great investment. Coming to Cliff Richard, he is on the death bed, and technically he is already dead. But, this is not verified by any doctor as no one has allowed a doctor to come near him. Again, he is worth a massive amount of money. Now let’s talk about the highest paid celebrities in the world on whom you can bet. Beyoncé Knowles is one of the great musicians and loved by many. She is, indeed a worthy bet. Other celebrities such as Drake, Sean Combs, Justin Bieber, Adele, Kim Kardashian West and Bruno Mars, would obviously be a huge investment.

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